With the purchase of each bottle of Viña Esmeralda
Deep Sea Edition,
you help to collect the equivalent of
10 plastic bottles from the Mediterranean Sea.



Help us to increase this figure!

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In 2022 we began the collaboration with Gravity Wave to help to preserve what we love most: our Mediterranean. To this end, a total of 2,716,040 plastic bottles were collected from the Mediterranean coastline. This year, we want to forge ahead with our commitment to look after the environment in the territory we know best: the Mediterranean. However, this time, focusing collection on plastics from the seabed.

We are presenting the new Viña Esmeralda Deep Sea Edition bottle, a special edition focused on our passion for the sea, its preservation and the respect for this very special place that the Mediterranean is. With the purchase of each Limited Edition, the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles will be collected from the seabed, to ensure that our Mediterranean continues to have the same essence as always.

Who are our companions on this adventure?

Gravity Wave is a social enterprise based around the circular economy and environmental awareness. It was created in 2019 with a very clear objective: to clean plastic from the Mediterranean in order to have a positive impact on the planet. They define themselves as fishermen of plastic but their mission goes much further, as they transform the waste they collect into valued products and, thus, give it a second life.