Good friends are like good wine,over the years, they get better and better.

They are always close by whenwe uncork a Viña Esmeralda: sharing the moment and turning it into an experience.

They say, "whoever has friends, has treasure". That's a good enough reason to toast, right?

Let's raise a glass to them:

Thank you for making us enjoy life sip by sip...

And for always bringing a bottle! 😉


At Viña Esmeralda we believe that friendship doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Therefore, we invite you to surround yourself with your best friends, those who are perfectly imperfect. Let's pay tribute to them and raise a toast.

The best stories
begin with a bottle

Last year we asked our Spanish followers to share their best summer memories. We read their super stories and notices there was a common theme that connected us all... They all involved a bottle of Viña Esmeralda!